About Me

Hello!  I’m Jordan, the face behind Bump to Baby.  Thank you for visiting my site.  I am “mama” to two, sweet, lively kiddos, both of whom I have successfully breastfed.  Up until my son was born, I was the baby of my family.  I had very little experience with babies (especially newborns), the birthing process or breastfeeding.  While pregnant, my husband and I attended a local childbirth class.  Although motherly intuition is a very real thing, I attribute a great deal of the confidence I had during my labor and postpartum period, to that class. I feel extremely fortunate that I had little to no issues at all, breastfeeding.

Then, along comes the second.

We quickly found out she had a cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA).  As a person who loves any and all things dairy, this was HARD for me, and the people around me knew it.  They didn’t want me to feel obligated to continue breastfeeding, seeing how difficult a dairy-free diet was (dairy is in everything!).  I heard several times (strictly out of love & sympathy), “just give her formula” or “formula is just as good as breast milk”.   But I couldn’t do it.  I felt way too compelled to continue.  It was then that I realized my deep love for breastfeeding and honestly could not imagine feeding my baby any other way.  I couldn’t just give up breastfeeding because I wanted to eat a slice (or three) of cheese pizza!  My decision to exclusively breastfeed was something that meant a lot to me and what I needed was support and encouragement.  It was during this time, that what was once just an interest about childbirth and lactation education, turned into a strong desire to help other moms.  I worked to gain the credentials as a certified breastfeeding counselor, which furthered my education through evidence-based learning.  I want to support and encourage you, to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.  I want to put my love, passion and knowledge to work, helping equip you with the tools to be confident and feel empowered in your natural, motherly abilities.