Bump to Baby offers the following enlightening education and support to aid you wherever you are on your special journey. Bump to Baby offers customized packages, tailored to your individual needs.

Preparing for Breastfeeding Class

Virtual Group (spouse/partner welcome):

Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or just considering it, this live, virtual, group class teaches the benefits of, and advocates for a healthy start to your breastfeeding journey.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Virtual Group Price: $70
  • Next Class Dates: 
    • March 24 (6pm CST)
    • April 3 (12pm CST)
    • April 14 (6pm CST)


Virtual Individual Package (spouse/partner welcome):

Covering the same material as the group class, providing one-on-one education, allowing more time for questions and answers and on a day and time that works best for you.

  • Duration: 90-120 minute class 
  • Virtual Individual Price: $95


Virtual Individual Support Package (spouse/partner welcome):

Covering the same the material as the group class, this package provides one-on-one education, as well as postpartum follow-ups, for the most personalized, supportive experience.

Package includes:

  • Weekly support (phone or virtual) for the first 2 months, post partum (8 total)    
  • 10% off merchandise
  • Duration: 90-120 minute class
  • Virtual Individual Support Package: $195

Breastfeeding/ Postpartum Virtual Consult

Concerned if your newborn is getting enough?  Sore nipples?  Needing encouragement to continue?  Returning to work or school?   Looking to wean?   Bump to Baby is here for support and to help navigate you through any difficulty that arises.

  • Phone/Virtual: $50

Coming Soon: Preparing for Childbirth

The childbirth process is one we rarely have control over, but knowledge is power!

 Help reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown by learning about normal labor progressions, pain management options, vaginal and cesarean deliveries, postpartum care and how your partner can be helpful and supportive through it all.



What They Say

My initial pre-natal appointment with Jordan was absolutely wonderful. Her knowledge and experience helped to pull together a clear picture of what I could realistically expect prior to delivery, at the hospital, and upon returning home. Jordan is very open and welcoming and provided valuable information without being pushy, and without judgment! I felt I could ask her anything, and her responses where honest and clear. My husband was also very thankful to be able to sit in on this discussion to gain more insight and to be a better support to me. I feel more prepared, by far, in my ability to breastfeed than before and I feel very supported knowing that Jordan offers this amazing service. I look forward to touching base with her after our son is born to further develop my knowledge and skill as a new mother! 

-Erica, Alaska